Meaningful = impactful.

Strategic copywriting for tech and e-learning companies that wish to:

  • create meaningful relationships with their customers,
  • sell more products without burning more money on advertising, and
  • communicate a brand message that leaves a memorable impression.
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Where do you see your company 5 years from now?

Stuck in the sea of sameness, trying to get a sprinkle of attention from your prospects…

Or in a strong market position, pulling people in like gravity?

Before you answer, ask yourself this –

In 5 years, if you change nothing, you’ll be in the same spot (a risky gamble) as your competitors. Is that the best you could do?


Competing on features is a rat race. Win on brand and communication.

No matter how many new features you add, your competitors will catch up at one point.

But if you build a distinguishable brand and communicate it loud and clear, you’ll get the advantage that no one can copy.


  • Maja Stanimirovic
  • Aleksandar Dinic
  • Lazar Jovanovic

Very thorough, very structured. Danijel quickly picked up on the USPs and positioning of the products. Working with him has been valuable for us to move forward faster and launching better content.

Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen | Sprinting Software

Since we published a new copy on our landing page, we increased conversions for 21.3%. I am absolutely fascinated with Danijel’s ideas, implementation and an overall result that we got.

Barbara Maheshwari | BMA

Danijel delivered well researched copy with minimum input from my side. Hope for a chance to work with him in the future.

Vladimir Jelic |

Danijel is a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone smart, witty, punctual and overall great to do business with, look no further. 10/10 would recommend.

Maja Stanimirovic | Podcast Assistance

By analyzing our business problems and need, as well as the market, Dan helped us define a sound communication strategy. His mix of creativity and data-driven thinking is absolutely amazing!

Aleksandar Dinic | Good Game Arena

Super creative, super organized, and super professional. Open for constructive feedback.
The number one reason we worked with him is because he understood our industry and our needs.

Lazar Jovanovic | Smart Watering

Smart copywriting: Your investment in strong and repeat business

  • Get the attention you deserve while optimizing your budget for advertising
  • Communicate a strong employer brand and attract raw talent
  • Finally, tell your story just the way it is in your head in a clear and effective way
  • Promote your products and services, increase sales and get people to listen to what you have to say… but not in a sleazy-car-salesman-way



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