Meaning came to be from a wish to create meaningful communication in a noisy world

Sometimes people talk too much without saying much. We’re here to help you express what makes your business unique without fluff and hard-to-understand business jargon.

We’re a remote-first B2B copywriting agency, based in Serbia, with clients in Europe, Asia, and the USA.

After years of working either freelance or for marketing agencies, we’ve decided to pave our own path to success. And yours as well.

Hi, my name is Dan and I’ll help you communicate clearly.

Danijel Milošević

Danijel Milošević

Founder of Meaning. Conversion Copywriter. Brought millions in sales to clients. Competitive chess player. Father of 2.


But let’s talk about you

If you’re a B2B company owner with a strategic mindset…

And you wish to laser-focus your communication, increase profits in a non-sleazy-car-salesman way while strengthening brand loyalty and brand love…

And you happily invest yourself in building a purpose-driven company…

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