Cut through the noise of a crowded B2B market with strategic copywriting

It’s getting tougher to stand out. Your sales team burns out. Your marketing budget gets massive, but results don’t follow…

You can keep plunking down more money into SDR & BDM teams or…

You can pull attention with laser-focused copy and make your team’s life easier…

While getting way more for your investment.

Many of our clients get 5x ROI… At least.


It’s time you stopped competing on the pricing alone

Too many fishes in the pond, combined with the same offers, push your potential clients to cherry-pick…

Or even worse, low-ball, because they assume you’ll go out of your way just to beat your competitors…

A position you’d like to avoid, right?

A strong brand, combined with strong and smart copywriting is your ticket for getting out of that never-ending rat race.

Irresistible (and strategic) B2B copywriting that grabs attention for years and rakes in long-term profits

Email copywriting

Send emails that oftentimes tend to overwhelm sales teams with swarming customers looking for appointments.

Video scripts & production

Craft videos and use compelling, attention-grabbing scenarios to hook your audience and make them coming back for more.

Brand strategy

Get a strategic messaging kit that you can freely put on all of your collaterals and say it out loud on demos and pitches… Without second-thinking whether you’re saying it all.

Landing page copywriting

Bring in more sales with magnetic copy that pulls out wallets and convinces stakeholders before they even start talking to managers for budget approvals.

E-books, case studies, whitepapers

Become “the single source of truth” in your industry with easy-to consume, persuasive informational material.

Website copywriting

Communicate your services, and your company’s culture effectively… So that people wish to keep your website in bookmarks.

Linkedin 360

Position yourself on Linkedin the way you want it, not as trends dictate it. Let’s turn your profile into a content creation powerhouse and a go-to resource in your industry.


Your team already wrote something and you need a fresh pair of eyes to go through it, structure it, make it more appealing, clear, and concise… Or just check if it’s OK to publish? We can do it.

How to tell if you need a B2B copywriter

  • People can’t quite tell what you’re offering and you have to explain it to them over and over again
  • People take months to figure out why your offer is better than your competitor’s…
  • You’re spending more than your competitor… And getting waaay lower results.
  • Your Google analytics shows a flat line


  • Maja Stanimirovic
  • Aleksandar Dinic
  • Lazar Jovanovic

Very thorough, very structured. They quickly picked up on the USPs and positioning of the products. Working with Meaning has been valuable for us to move forward faster and launching better content.

Thorbjørn Schmidt-Jacobsen | Sprinting Software

Since we published a new copy on our landing page, we increased conversions for 21.3%. I am absolutely fascinated with their ideas, implementation and an overall result that we got.

Barbara Maheshwari | BMA

Meaning delivered well researched and reader/SEO optimized articles with minimum input from my side. Hope for a chance to work with them in future.

Vladimir Jelic |

Danijel and his team are a pleasure to work with. If you are looking for someone smart, witty, punctual and overall great to do business with, look no further. 10/10 would recommend.

Maja Stanimirovic | Podcast Assistance

By analyzing our business problems and need, as well as the market, they helped us define a strong communication strategy. Their mix of creativity and data-driven thinking is absolutely amazing!

Aleksandar Dinic | Good Game Arena

Super creative, super organized, and super professional. Open for constructive feedback.
The number one reason we decided to work with them is that they understood our industry and our needs.

Lazar Jovanovic | Smart Watering

Interested in hearing how strategic sales copywriting can increase your profits multiple times…

While increasing your brand loyalty long-term and bringing only highly-interested leads to your sales team?

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